Texas State Board of Social Work Examiners, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, License # 59814


The University of Texas at Austin, Master of Science in Social Work; Clinical Concentration (2014)

McGill University, Bachelor of Arts with First Class Honors in Psychology; Minor in World Religions (2009)

Hi, I’m Sandra!

¡Hola! I am Sandra Olarte-Hayes, a bilingual, Spanish-speaking, multicultural Latine, queer, Clinical Social Worker, living and working in Austin, Texas. My approach combines a rich professional background with a personal touch, often seen with a thoughtful smile, colorful language, and a penchant for engaging conversations.

Personal Touchpoints:

My life is enriched by the simple joys of sharing stories and meals with loved ones. Being in nature is when I am happiest and I have been moved to tears by the sight of mountains. I throw myself passionately into new interests, yet continually return to the daily rituals that ground me like closing each evening with a hot cup of ginger tea before bed. I have a dark sense of humor, yet I carry decades-long meditation and yoga practices (though I sometimes take months off from them). Cozy evenings are spent in the glow of soft lights, surrounded by books that bring me a sense of inspiration and connection. Bright colors make me feel alive.

Journey and Insights:

With over ten years of experience in therapy and Social Work, my career has been a fulfilling journey of growth and learning. From spearheading diversity and equity initiatives to offering bilingual therapeutic services, my work is driven by a deep understanding of cultural nuances and the complexities of identity. I resonate with individuals striving for excellence, recognizing the delicate balance between ambition and well-being and with those who are driven to create change in their communities and lives.

Through my involvement in various community-focused and social justice projects, I’ve witnessed the transformative power of shared healing and the importance of acknowledging our collective histories.

Embracing Change and Balance:

In my practice, I advocate for the possibility of change and the pursuit of meaning. I employ a blend of traditional and innovative therapeutic techniques, such as EMDR, tailored to the unique needs of each individual. My experience has reinforced my belief in our capacity to develop healthier habits and mindsets.

Therapeutic Philosophy:

At the core of my therapy practice is a partnership based on trust, collaboration, and mutual respect. I bring a wealth of professional knowledge, cultural awareness, and creative solutions, while my clients bring their own experiences and aspirations. Together, we navigate the path to healing, growth, and fulfillment.

In our sessions, every aspect of your story is welcome. We’ll explore and embrace all facets of your identity, working towards a therapy experience that is as unique and multifaceted as you are.

Let’s embark on this journey together.